Vip President Security 3D




Vip President Security 3D is based on American President Security. Vip President Security 3D provides a security to president limo car. President is loved and hated for lots of reasons. Bad guys has have a contract to kill USA president. This is President Survival involves politics and has rapidly gun shooting, police vehicle and army cars as part of President convey security. President cars drive in city for different meetings and activities our responsibilities is to protect the President.

Soldier get ready to serve the nation as a real patriotic hero play as Marine one Presidential security squad for the USA president in this Vip President Security 3D game. These final missions will be have some great war zone city Epic shooting missions where you have to perform all kinds of grand city commando actions. Marine should be proud to protecting life of the United States president.

All mobile gamer from have a opportunity to show there is shooting skills in Vip President Security 3D. If you are fan of simulator and shooting game, you will surely love this game. Driving in the city & secure the President. Your mission is to take this VIP President to the final destination. Then download this game and share your reviews with us.

Features in Vip President Security 3D game:
• Vip President Security 3D Simulator & Shooting game.
• Dynamic shooting experience with modern gun in multiple fighting missions.
• Shooting in multiple amazing environments.
• Secure President from enemies they are in way.
• If you complete some mission then you got some earning from it you can buy more weapons & bullets.
• In start of the game only one level will be unlocked, then you must have to complete previous levels to move to the next level.




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